It’s time to learn the truth about riding lawn mowers and some amazing grass-cutting strategies to reduce your effort and produce a stellar yard every time. The most important thing to understand is that not all grass is created equal. We’re going to uncover the most common riding lawn mower myths from mowing wet grass to switching up your mowing patter to help you make sure your grass is the greenest lawn in the entire neighbourhood.

Myth #1: All riding lawn mowers work well on all types of grass.

This is not correct. If you have thick or tough grass then you will definitely need a more powerful riding lawn mower.

Myth #2: Cutting your grass shorter will mean that you can mow less frequently

This is also not correct! Even though the ideal height of your grass depends on the season and the type of grass on your lawn, a good rule of thumb is to always cut off one-third of the length of your grass. Cutting your lawn shorter will not save you many days and you will find yourself cutting the lawn just as often unfortunately.

Myth #3: You must keep a consistent mowing pattern when cutting your lawn

Once again, this myth has been busted. In fact, mowing in the exact same pattern each time can actually mat down your grass which is actually bad for growth and can damage your lawn.

Myth #4: Mowing in the late fall is unnecessary

Another busted myth. Bad news is that you won’t be able to just take the time off as you will still need to cut your grass in the late fall. Even though the grass is going to grow slower it is important to cut the grass before the snow starts because longer grass can encourage snow mold.

Myth #5: You cannot cut wet grass

Boom – another busted grass cutting myth. You can definitely mow your yard when it’s damp but only if your lawn mower blades are very sharp. This is where it is important to have our small engine maintenance techs in Ottawa perform blade sharpening for you to make sure your lawn mower blades are sharp as can be to cut even damp grass.

These myths are believed to be true by many home owners and busting these myths should give you some insight into how to better maintain your lawn. Another important thing to remember is to keep your lawn mower maintained and tuned up so that everything runs properly and you preserve the lifespan of your lawn mower small engine. Give us a call for summer time small engine maintenance in Ottawa and a full small engine tuneup in time for the lawn cutting season.