Small Engine Terms and Conditions

Small Engine Warranty is 30 days, parts and labour. No exceptions. 90 days for Snowblowers. (Premium Tune Up)

If the service requires a carburetor cleaning (no start/running rough) and a new carburetor is recommended but not installed, a warranty of any kind cannot be provided.

Parts must be deemed inaccurate or defective to be eligible for warranty replacement. Parts that have failed as a result of mechanical issues or operator error, will not be covered under warranty. Warranty covers materials and labour ONLY for work completed.

This warranty is null and void, should operator error be a factor.

Service Call outside of our Service Quadrants are subject to additional Mobile Fees. 

All electronic invoices subject to a $5 late fee if payment is not received within 2 days of receipt, compounded every 2 days. MVS Ottawa reserves the right to collect payment after 2 days of receipt. Customers will be contacted by telephone in order to make late payment arrangements. Late payments can then be made over the phone, or an MVS representative can be made available to collect payment in person.   


All memberships include an annual tune up OR seasonal storage. Seasonal Storage may include a tune up based on machines maintenance history. MVS Ottawa reserves the right to perform any service at any time and will make every effort to accommodate each client’s schedule. For example, a snowblower tune up may be performed in June, which would also double as a seasonal storage. This is what is recommended, as MVS will guarantee that your machine will start if service is completed in the off season.

Labour rate is $75 per hour.

Annual memberships are eligible for 10% off all labour

Annual memberships include 10% off ALL parts, with the exception of any electrical items such as, but not limited to starters, batteries and ignition coils.

Service Call fee is $75.00 plus tax. Each service call includes up to 30 minutes of labour, including the diagnosis.

Monthly memberships may only cancel their membership after 6 months from membership start date
Annual memberships may only cancel their membership 12 months from membership start date.
30 days cancellation notice is required.
There are no refunds for memberships.

Missed Appointments.

There is a $25 fee for any missed appointment.