Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance company covers Mobile Vehicle Service Ottawa?

MVS Ottawa is fully insured by BrokerLink Insurance. . 613.789.4140

What are the benefits of your service?

There are many benefits. The one that stands out the most, would be that all of our services are 100% mobile. From lawnmower and snowblower repairs and maintenance, we bring the garage to you.

Are your Mobile Mechanics fully licensed?

Yes they are. All of our mechanics/technicians are fully licensed. Our small engine technicians have been certified through most major small engine manufacturers.

Can you complete most repairs right at my home?

Yes. We carry most common small engine parts with us, this will minimize the machines downtime. There are instances where parts will need to be ordered and we will have to return to complete the job. However, we do not charge additional mobile fees should this be the case.

There are certain repairs that require a sanitary environment. Should this be the case, we do have solid recommendations for where the machine could be serviced.


Are your services safe for my driveway and the environment?
The major majority of our small engine services are completed off your property, but still within view of your home or business. In the event of rain, we may request the use of your garage, if available. Should this be the case, we have large tarps to protect your garage floor.
What methods of payment do you accept?

We proudly accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, eTransfer, Cheques*, Cash* and Apple Pay.

There may be instances where our technician does not have access to our wireless debit/credit machine, as we only have 2 in service at the moment. Should this be the case, we can send an invoice right to your inbox and you can securely pay online or through etransfer. 

How are your prices in comparison to other shops?

Whenever possible, we will pass any savings onto our customers. These savings are sometimes found in our labour cost or our parts. The idea behind the business is to provide a convenient and affordable service to our customers, right to their doorstep. Although we do not have the same overhead as a garage, we do have other costs that must be factored into the price of the service. Such as fuel, vehicle maintenance and tires.

Do you install customer supplied parts?

Yes, we do. Please be advised that we do not provide a warranty for customer supplied parts.

Will using your service void my warranty?

No, absolutely not. All of our services are warranty approved.

Are there savings for multiple pieces of equipment?

Yes. Since there is a mobile fee included in every package, any additional mobile fee is deducted when there are multiple pieces of equipment.

Why do you charge a shop supply/fuel surcharge?

MVS Ottawa includes a shop supply/mobile fee in every package for the following reasons.

All technicians use their own vehicles to service MVS Ottawa customers.

1. This charge helps to cover the cost of some of the fuel that is used travelling to customers and parts suppliers. Since our technician’s vehicles are generally weighed down with tools and equipment, their fuel economy is greatly affected.

2. It also covers some of the more frequent maintenance items such as oil changes, tire changes and general wear and tear.

3. The surcharge also covers items such as fuel line, clamps, pull cord, etc. These are items that have been purchased by the company, that we use daily, but do not inventory nor invoice. They are such small items, we just categorize them under shop supplies. This is a common practice with most garages.

The surcharge is not meant to gouge the customer in any way, it simply covers the cost of doing business, where the employees are mobile. If you have any questions, please email us at

Do you have a physical address?

No, we do not. All of our services are provided at your home or business.

Are you recognized as a BBB member?

Yes we are a BBB accredited business proudly serving Ottawa and surrounding areas.

For seasonal storage, do you take the machine off site?
No. Seasonal storage simply means that we are preparing your machine for the off season, this will ensure your machine is ready to go when you need it.