What’s more disappointing than a lawn mower that won’t begin? There are a considerable measure of things that can make your cutter experience some difficulty beginning up. Be that as it may, don’t take it to the expensive repair shop yet.

To begin with, see these 7 straightforward reasons your trimmer won’t not begin.

1) Out of Gas

It sounds insane, however it happens! Ensure you check your fuel level each time before you start up your cutter.

2) Stale Gas Leads to Clogged Carburetor

To what extent prior did you top off your gas tank? What’s more, how old was the gas you utilized?Gas just has a timeframe of realistic usability of around 30 days on account of the ethanol it contains. In the event that you have old gas in your tank, the ethanol may have created erosion and stopped up your carburetor.

3) Clogged Fuel Filter

The reason for the fuel sift is to channel through the greater part of the dregs from the gas.This channel can get stopped up from ordinary residue, or from stale gas containing ethanol.The absence of legitimate fuel stream to the carburetor will keep your trimmer from beginning.If so, the fuel channel should be supplanted.

4) Dead battery

Batteries regularly keep going quite a while, yet there isn’t generally a notice sign that it is going dead. Check your battery with a voltmeter to check whether it’s deficient with regards to juice. On the off chance that you have a 12V battery, the voltage ought to peruse near 12V. In the event that it’s less, your battery might not have enough squeeze to begin the trimmer.

5) Bad Starter Solenoid

In the event that you hand the key over your start, and hear a clicking sound, it is presumably your starter solenoid.In the event that you see this clicking, your most logical option is to introduce another starter solenoid.

6) Disconnected or Dirty Spark Plug

Did you as of late perform support? Perhaps you cleared out your start plug wire un-snared! Make certain to look at this, this is a fast and straightforward settle.Your start attachment could likewise be grimy or harmed. Start fittings are shabby, so have a go at supplanting your start plug.

7) Dirty Air Filter

The carburetor needs air to make the motor run. On the off chance that the air channel is filthy, it may not let air to the carburetor. Additionally, if the air channel is torn, garbage could have flown into the carburetor or motor and is keeping your cutter from beginning.

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