After such a cold winter we can all appreciate some nice hot summer days, however the heat recently in Ottawa (and across many parts of Canada) has been a little too much for many to handle. If you plan on doing some yard work then make sure to stay hydrated and dress in loose fitting cool clothing. It is first and foremost important to protect yourself from heat waves in Ottawa. After you are safely protected, it’s time to start thinking about your small engine equipment that you plan to use to manicure your lawn.

Small engines work well in all types of weather however some extremes can negatively impact the life span of your machine as well as the performance when in use.

Check your small engine oil. With a small engine such as a lawn mower, it is crucial to stay on top of your oil levels during such hot weather periods. A hot engine needs a lot of lubrication so stay on top of monitoring your oil levels to keep your lawn equipment lubricated properly.

Grease your pins! Riding mowers usually have a number of pins and it’s important to grease your pins during heat waves and hot temperatures to ensure that you prolong any wear and tear caused from grease displacement.

Check your tires. During periods of extreme heat, your air pressure can rise significantly in your small engine tires. The rise in tire pressure will cause your machine to be more difficult to handle and cause unnecessary wear and tear on your traction. Check your tire pressure and make sure to keep your tires at the recommended PSI for maximum efficiency.

Take a break from lawn work. A few days off may be the perfect solution for you and your small engine equipment. If you are planning on taking a break, consider giving your small engines a break too. If you have to leave them outside exposed to the hot weather then place them in the shade or cover them when you can. Avoid putting them in direct sun light so that when you are ready to use them again you don’t burn yourself – the metal parts and even seating can get very hot!

It’s important to keep in mind that your grass doesn’t love the heat either. When you mow your lawn, you are causing stress to your grass and doing your yard maintenance at the right times and the right frequency is key to having a perfect and healthy lawn. Your grass is affected by excess cutting and the wrong cutting times just as pruning plants causes stress on a plant so it is important to remember this and adjust your lawn mowing times to cause less stress on your grass. Mowing in the heat of the day causes grass to lose more water making it slower to bounce back and maintain its health.

If your small engine equipment is acting up, give us a call so that our small engine repair technicians in Ottawa can take a look and make sure that your lawn mower, trimmers, edgers and more are working in peak condition and properly setup for the heat we have been experiencing across the Nation’s Capital Region.