Riding lawn mowers are all about convenience and saving you time. The majority of home owners end up retiring their push mowers because they are tired of pushing the mower or they find lawn cutting becoming increasingly difficult and feeling more like a chore. Riding lawn mowers can offer you quite a bit of convenience and make you fall in love again with manicuring your yard. While there are additional costs for maintenance and of course the initial purchase, the benefits far outweigh the additional costs if you are looking to make your lawn maintenance easier and faster while saving your muscles and energy for more important tasks around the house (maybe you’ll finish that DIY project you paused afterall).

If you are planning to ditch your push mower, replace your old riding lawn mower or purchase your first riding lawn mower then these helping buying tips will come in very handy for choosing the right riding lawn mower for your budget.

Not All Riding Lawn Mowers are the Same

The first thing to keep in mind is that each riding lawn mower has different attributes and features. Choosing the right features will depend a lot on your lawn size and needs. In addition to price differences of course, there are differences in speed and blade width. You can get the job done faster with a larger blade width and faster machine but you may not have a large enough yard to warrant the extra costs for these upgrades. You want to avoid going over the top while at the same time not short-changing yourself by going with a less powerful or less capable unit if you have a larger yard. Larger machines will need more space for storage of your riding lawn mower also. These are things to keep in mind when assessing the different attributes of riding lawn mowers available on the market today.

Engine in the Front or Engine in the Back

Just like cars (well some cars) there are models with the engine in the front and some with the engine in the back. If you want a more relaxing and easy lawn cutting experience then you may want to consider a riding lawn mower model with the engine in the back. These models usually have smaller cutting decks and are the ideal lawn cutting machine for narrower spaces and yards. An added bonus is that they take up less space in your garage, shed or storage area also. A downside of these units is that they are not capable (or much less capable) of pulling heavy attachments that may be needed for tools etc. in a trailer. Additionally they are not built for top-speed so they are much slower than front-engine units but they still get the job done! Depending on your needs, a rear-engine riding lawn mower may be exactly what you need.

Grass-Devouring, Multipurpose Riding Lawn Tractors

Did that heading grab your attention? You are likely in the market for a machine of machines that gets all the jobs done with your lawn maintenance. Much more than just grass cutting, these machines are designed to be your personal workhorse and keep your lawn looking very well groomed at the same time.

These machines may not be the most agile but they are built strong and powerful. While not the fastest machines, they are extremely powerful and built to pull and push and cut and ultimately tackle any of the big jobs you have waiting for them.

Sometimes Zero is the Best Number

If you are looking for a speedy and agile machine to whip around the yard and save you the most time then a zero turn mower is perfect for you. These riding mowers are capable of turning on a dime and maneuver around your yard at speeds of up to 12 kms per hour. If you want to get the job done right in the least amount of time and have some incredible fun at the same time then a zero turn riding lawn mower is perfect for you. Just keep in mind that while they can turn up to 360 degrees, doing donuts in your yard can lead to less desirable results. That last part is a joke but you will definitely enjoy one of these units if the budget permits.

If you need some help or recommendations on a good riding lawn mower to purchase, give us a shout or send us an email. We can offer some suggestions and definitely keep us in mind for your riding lawn mower maintenance as we are Ottawa’s small engine repair and maintenance experts. It is important to do annual maintenance on your riding lawn mower to ensure you protect your investment and keep your equipment running in peak condition so that lawn cutting is always a breeze.