Charge Up Your Car With A New Battery. Over time your car battery will start to deteriorate and will no longer operate at optimal performance. Aside from just powering several elements within your car, your car’s battery helps with many systems that you may not even be aware of and can even impact your fuel consumption. There is a good chance your battery needs replacing if you have been driving for a few years and we can help replace your battery so that you can keep on the road reaching your destinations. Changing a car battery in Ottawa is a fast and affordable service and our techs can do the battery change in your car while you’re at work. Is Your Car Battery Dead? It happens, car batteries do not last forever and if you would like to ensure that your car always starts and runs optimally while consuming the least amount of gas possible then it is important to change your car battery. It is best to do so before the battery dies completely but we can perform the battery change at any time. How Often Should I Change My Car Battery? Car batteries are strong and important components of your car however they haven’t changed much in 100 years and are a difficult item to check during regular maintenance. It is best to use an educated guess as to when to change the car battery or of course wait for it to die but definitely the first method is preferred. The rule of thumb for when to change your car’s battery is approximately four years from the last time the car battery was changed. Of course like all things car-related, this depends on your usage of your vehicle and the conditions to which it is operated and stored. Even though it is relatively easy to change a battery, it is still something that you should leave to professionals to ensure the replacement battery is properly installed and your car is not damaged – not to mention yourself! Give us a call to have your car battery replaced by our mobile vehicle service technicians.