Checking Your Small Engine Oil. This may seem kind of annoying, but you need to check your small engine’s oil and appearance every time you want to start it up. You need to do that while the engine is cold. You should also know that the oil in the crankcase gives the most accurate reading. Don’t worry, you won’t have to change the oil or add more oil every time you read it. You’ll be glad to know that you will be more likely to have an engine that encounters fewer problems if you ensure that you keep the crankcase full and change the oil when it should be changed. Here’s the proper way to change your small engine oil: Find the oil fill cap on the crankcase. It may be on different places on the engine, depending on the model and make of your engine. Newer models usually have the symbol of an oil can or the word “oil” or “fill” on the engine, signifying the location of the oil cap. In some engines, you may find a standard fill hole with a dipstick or an extended oil fill tube in others. In other engines, you would need to remove the fill cap to ensure that the oil is filled up.. Make sure that you don’t get any dirt or debris into the crankcase. Wipe around the cap with a clean cloth before you open it. If no dipstick is available to check the oil, use a clean tip of the cloth to dab into the oil and then you can inspect it.. If there is a dipstick attached to the cap, make sure you wipe it with a clean cloth before you insert it. Then, re-insert the dipstick and then remove it. Check the oil level. If the dipstick cap is the screw-in type, make sure that you screw it all the way so that you can get an accurate reading of the oil’s level. The level of the oil should not go above or below the designated lines on the dipstick. Check us out for more help. Also, if you are looking for mobile vehicle services in Ottawa, battery boosting, tire changes, oil changes, or mobile car repairs, give us a call! Book your mobile vehicle services today! We also repair and tune-up small engines such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. Even better, we come to you, so no more waiting in line or traveling back and forth to fix your vehicles and small engine equipment.