Living in Ottawa we are all familiar with one thing and that is snow. That’s right, the fluffy stuff the covers our Nation’s beautiful capital city for months of the year (sometimes it feels like the whole year). While many of us get excited for the falling white snowflakes and run outside to make snowmen or have a friendly snowball fight, others are thinking about the hours they are going to have to spend clearing and removing snow from their driveway and vehicles.

While winter can be a beautiful time of year, it can also be a time of frustration if snow fall is particularly heavy and you find yourself spending hours just clearing and shoveling and snowblowing to make clear paths in your driveway. A snowblower can definitely make life easier for you and cut your snow removal work load down a lot but how much snow blower do you need? Do you need a super powerful snow clearing machine or a more economical unit that just gets the job done?

It can be difficult to predict the weather and how much snowfall we will receive but one thing is certain – it will definitely snow. When choosing a snow blower it is important to look at the price of course but also the capabilities and power of the snowblower as well. If you have a larger driveway or expect more snow to fall then a more powerful and capable machine is the best option.

Of course if there is not much snow coverage where you need to keep clear then a shovel is the most practical option. For example, if you are dealing with a 6 foot path from your shed to your house then a snowblower is likely an overkill tool to use for something you could clear in 2 minutes with a shovel. If however you are clearing a driveway and you want to save yourself from back pain then a snowblower can be a very handy tool that you will fall in love with in no time.

If you have a typical driveway then a machine in the median price range will offer you a nice combination of affordability and power to save you time and make the snow removal easy and fast while not taking a huge bite out of your wallet so you can put that extra cash towards something more important like snow blower maintenance with Mobile Vehicle Services in Ottawa.

On the other hand if your drive way is quite large or you want to get the ultimate snow blower and make your snow removal an absolute breeze then a higher end machine will be the best choice. There are two-stage models that have an auger for scooping up snow and have an impeller that propels snow out of the discharge chute like some kind of snow-eating dragon. This would be the ideal unit for 24 or more inches of snow.

For 18 inches or less snow, you can pickup a more economical two-stage model that is designed for lighter duty yet still has the same impeller and auger as the more powerful (and costly) larger snow blowers. These smaller light-duty snow blowers are easier to store with their more compact size although their capabilities are a little less so your snow removal will take a little longer to complete.

Choosing the right unit ultimately comes down to how fast you want to remove snow, your budget and available storage space. Regardless of the snow blower you choose, you will want  to preserve your investment and ensure that the snow blower is always operating at peak performance. We offer annual snow blower maintenance and repairs for your small engine and we can help keep your snow blower working like new and extend the life expectancy of your snowblower.

Give us a call or send us an email to setup an appointment for your small engine repair or maintenance and one of our snow blower experts will setup a time with you. Enjoy your new snow blower and happy plowing!