Choosing A Snow Blower. Well, we’re a good few months away from winter, but in that same breath, it’s never too early to get prepared for the frozen white frosting it brings. Getting a good snow blower right now is actually a great idea. Of course, you’re not going to use it for the next few months, but you won’t regret having it there ready and waiting for when winter arrives. There are four different types. So what should you know about the different types of snow blowers when you’re ready to buy one? Keep reading and see. Electric Snow Blowers: – Lightweight (often used on decks and steps because of that). – Can clear light snow from sidewalks and small driveways. – Maintenance isn’t necessary (no oil-changes or refills). – Cold weather extension cord and electrical outlet is all that’s necessary for power. Single-Stage Snow Blowers: – About 19 – 22 inches wide. – They only throw the snow once. – Gas-powered engine. – Has an auger that scoops the snow up and throws it out the chute. – Can be hazardous if used on gravel surfaces. Two-Stage Snow Blowers: – They throw snow twice. – Wider than the single-stage snow blower. – They have a metal auger to scoop up the snow and a high-speed impeller to throw it out the chute. – Great for clearing widespread, deep areas of snow. – Can be used on gravel and concrete areas, because their auger does not make contact with the ground. – They have taller buckets that can inhale snow drifts. Three-Stage Snow Blower: – Powerful and efficient. – They have 2 metal augers. – Augers push snow to the center; accelerator slices it; impeller spurts it out of the chute. – Can launch snow 50 feet away, into a pile. These are the four types of snow blowers you can consider for the winter season. If you already have one of these and you need an engine fix, you can come to us. Also, if you are looking for mobile vehicle services in Ottawa, battery boosting, tire changes, oil changes, or mobile car repairs, give us a call! Book your mobile vehicle services today! We also repair and tune-up small engines such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. Even better, we come to you, so no more waiting in line or traveling back and forth to fix your vehicles and small engine equipment.