It must be easy for you to think about how often you mow your lawn every year and the pounds of clippings that you must clean up each time. Normally, you would simply throw these clippings away, right? To be taken away by garbage trucks, and sooner or later find their way into a land fill.

Lawn clippings hold so many nutritional benefits for your lawn grass, it would be a waste to have them thrown away, particularly when you consider the amount of money you spend on fertiliser and manure, soil, and garden supplies. Here are some of the uses and benefits that lawn clippings can provide.

Clippings Left on The Lawn

If your lawn isn’t a quick growing grass that thatches up quickly, it may be a great idea to leave the clippings on the lawn while lawn mowing, particularly if they are relatively small. They break down quickly, to release their nutrients and feed your lawn.

Mowing your lawn frequently will ensure not only an awesome yard but will contribute to the speedy deterioration of the clippings. The practice protects moisture in the soil from evaporating quickly during the warmer months.

Mulching Lawn Mowers

Mulching lawn mowers have been growing quite popular in the recent years. They are rotary lawn mowers equipped with 4 blades and a specially designed mulching plug that is inserted into the rear chute of the mower. The distinct design of the lawn mower’s base, mulching plug, and blades work together to run the clippings through the blades several times before ejecting it. The process chops up clippings into fine bits, which enables it to be broken down quickly.

An additional feature of the mulching lawn mower is that the clippings are expelled by the fan action of the blades onto the lawn. This reduces the visibility of the clippings being left on the lawn.

When paired up with your frequent lawn mowing routines, the clippings hardly look out of place where they’re left on the lawn.  The clippings generally disappear within a few days.


You shouldn’t leave the clippings on your lawn when:

  • the grass is not being mowed at a short length
  • the lawn grass grows quickly and leaves too many clippings on the lawn
  • weed plants are growing among the lawn grass, especially when seed heads have already developed, this spreads the weeds, and encourage them to take over your yard
  • you’ve recently completed any weed spraying, you should gather these clippings, and place them directly in the bin.

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