Riding lawn mowers are very useful for making your home’s surroundings look much more presentable and it definitely works to improve your home’s curb appeal. At some point in time, you may realize that your riding lawn mower will start experiencing a number of problems. We can show you some of the things you can use to repair the problems that your lawn mower may be experiencing.

If smoke is coming from the mower, it may be that it has a clogged air filter, which may cause the engine to give off an oily-smelling smoke, since the engine is pulling oil past the piston rings. All you have to do is to check your pistons and replace your air filters, and your riding lawn mower should work like brand new.

If your engine won’t start, it may be due to a bad spark plug, a clogged carburetor or a faulty starter. Test the starter with an ohmmeter and test the plugs with a spark plug tester. Replace them if they’ve gone bad and check the carburetor again if the engine still doesn’t start. See if there is old, clogged up fuel in the engine, because this may contribute to the problem. Simply drain the old fuel from the float bowl and clean up the carburetor.

If it’s overheating, then that may be because of clogged cooling fins in the cylinder head. Remove any debris that’s blocking the fins and stopping them from cooling the engine sufficiently.

If you’re getting a bumpy ride, it may be as a result of lack of oil. All you have to do is check the oil level and ensure that you change it often.

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