Do You Have a Rattling Interior in Your Car?. One of the most annoying things a driver can experience is to be driving and having to endure constant rattling sounds especially on a long trip. It’s not easy to ignore sounds like this so the best option is to find where it’s coming from and deal with the issue. If the sound is coming from inside your car it may be easier to find a solution for it than you think. Here are some tips you can follow: Remove an interior panel. Sometimes, these rattling sounds are coming from an area that can’t be rectified from the outside, so you instead have to remove interior panels to try and locate the issue.. Move-in on the cause. Get a second opinion from a passenger while you’re driving, see if they can pinpoint exactly where it’s coming from. You never know, after doing some investigation you may discover that it’s not even linked to your vehicle.. Pinpoint the source & find a solution. Depending on what’s causing the sound, maybe all you need to do is tighten a screw or install sound reduction material. Based on the cause determine the best solution. If it’s not something you can manage to fix on your own, don’t hesitate to call MVS Ottawa to look into it on your behalf find and fix the problem. Interior rattling doesn’t generally affect a vehicles performance, but it can be really frustrating to listen to over and over. Contact us for professional advice or to schedule an appointment.