Spring is here and it’s finally time to put away your snow blower. Here’s some things to do first to make sure it’s ready for next winter. You may want to forget about all things winter but a little time spent now can save you big headaches when the next snowstorm hits. For starters, empty the fuel system by running the engine dry. It’s a good idea to use fuel treatment all season long but if you haven’t been doing that, put a little in your tank before you run the fuel out. Why add fuel treatment before you drain the fuel? Because it prevents any gas that’s left from forming dummy deposits in the snow blower fuel system or fouling your small engine’s carburetor or spark plug. When the engine stops running, engage the choke and try to restart it. Keep restarting it until it won’t start anymore.

After this you will want to loosen the carburetor drain bolt to drain that last little bit of gas into an approved container. This is also a great time to change the engine oil. Do it while the engine and the oil are still warm to make sure that more of the old oil drains out. Then refill with fresh oil following the appropriate steps for your snowblower unit. Once done, give your snowblower a full walk around inspection. During the inspection be sure to tighten any loose cables, nuts or fasteners and check for wear on parts such as your rotor blades and scraper (single stage blowers) or the auger scraper and skids (two stage blowers). If anything appears worn or damaged it is important to replace it or repair the damaged part now before storing away for the season.

This way your unit will be ready for the next season. If you have a two stage machine, grease the wheel shafts to prevent rust from forming. If you find there are chipped surfaces you should sand them and then touch them up with new paint to help fight rust. Another way to fight rust is to store your snowblower in a dry area but not inside your house or basement or near any ignition source. This simple snowblower end of season routine will help your snowblower last longer and perform better. Ultimately this means your machine will work well saving you a lot of time and also ensure that your snowblower works for many years to come.

This is the perfect end of season snow blower routine for proper storage, maintenance and upkeep. If you would like some help with your end of season maintenance and routines or if your snowblower needs some small engine repairs then give us a call and we would be happy to help.