Ever wonder why it is so hard to start a car in the winter?. Starting your car during the winter months can be a tricky thing in colder climates such as Ottawa and there are three primary reasons why it is hard to start your car in the chilly weather we have up here in the North. If you’ve ever been curious about why it is hard to start a car in cold weather than check out this week’s blog article. Reason #1: Less Evaporation Just like other liquids, gasoline evaporates less when it is cold outside. When your car starts (and runs) you are burning gas and gasoline must be vaporized in order to burn. Occassionally you will find that people put Ether into their car engines to help their cars start. This works because Ether evaporates better than gasoline in colder weather. Reason #2: Your Oil is Thicker In cold weather, oil gets thicker. If you have ever taken honey or syrup out of the fridge then you may have noticed that it is a little thicker than normal. This is because the particles have changed in the colder surroundings. This happens with your car oil also in the winter and when you try to start your engine it is more work to push around the cold and thicker oil which consequently makes it harder for the engine to spin. The trick in colder weather (if your car supports it) is to use synthetic oils which stay in a liquid state much better than traditional oils in colder temperatures. Reason #3: Car Batteries Can Have Winter Blues Your car battery is full of chemicals that produce electrons and when it is cold outside the chemical reactions that occur inside your battery happen slower in cold temperatures. This can lead to your engine cranking to start because the starter motor in your car has less energy available to try and start the car engine. This happens because the car battery produces fewer electrons when it is cold outside. These three problems can make it a challenge to start your car engine in the winter time and can even leave you stranded. This is why many people keep their car indoors in a heated garage or use “block heaters” as a way to ensure their cars will start in the winter. It may also be time to change your battery and if you find that no matter what your battery isn’t starting then you may need a mobile battery boost. Good news is that we have mobile vehicle services available to get your car started and keep you on the road.