When it comes to maintaining your lawn and creating the perfect summer lawn that is magazine ready, the first thing that comes to mind is your lawn mower of course because it covers the largest area and takes care of the bulk of the job. To create the perfect lawn though requires a little more attention to the finer details and this can easily be accomplished with proper edging and trimming. While these are small tasks that often get overlooked, they make a massive difference in the presentation of your yard. Go the extra mile and make sure to trim and edge your lawn to get every last bit of space manicured perfectly for the most stunning lawn on the block.

To do so you will need a properly tuned and serviced string trimmer. If you haven’t purchased a string trimmer then you should do some comparison shopping to find the best small engine string trimmer for your yard. If you already own a string trimmer, consider having it serviced by our small engine repair techs in Ottawa to ensure that your string trimmer is running in tip top condition.

Reach Those Hard to Reach Areas of Your Lawn

String trimmers are great tools because they can reach areas of your yard that are difficult to reach with a lawn mower. If you have some trees or fences on your property then a string trimmer is the perfect tool to reach these hard to access areas. Additionally, string trimmers are very light and easy to use so they are a must have for any yard work.

In comparison to string trimmers, edging tools are different because they have a blade that cuts rather than a string. The end result is that you will have a more sharp and cleaner look around your border areas because the powerful and sharp blades will create a more precise cut.

Before you start trimming and edging your lawn it is important to make sure your equipment is serviced so that you spend less time cutting and trimming and more time enjoying your yard. Also it is a good idea to check the owner’s manual for operation instructions and wear proper clothing to ensure that you are protected when working with small engine power equipment to maintain your yard.

Enjoy the summer and add these tools to your yard maintenance collection to lighten your load and make your yard work a breeze!