Regardless of the size of your lawn, yard or outdoor oasis, there is likely some yard work that you will find yourself doing over the summer and it will make your life a lot easier if you have the right tools to get the job done with the least amount of effort possible to produce an award-winning lawn every time. The 5 must have, absolutely essential tools for summer lawn care maintenance are the  cutter, blower, trimmer, spreader and sprinkler. These five lawn care pieces of magic will allow you to have an awesome lawn in no time.

The first tool we are going to mention is the Yard Cutter which seems like it is pretty obvious however this can be often overlooked, not properly maintained or forgotten about. It’s best to use a lawn cutter that switches effectively between stowing and mulching to deal with all lengths of grass, fauna and garbage. If you have a small yard then a walk behind unit is perfect but if you have a larger yard you should consider a riding option.

Next up on the list of essential summer lawn maintenance tools is the Leaf Blower. A manual powered rake is a good tool and we recommend keeping one on hand however an electric or gas-powered leaf blower is truly amazing and can cut your yard maintenance time down considerably while saving your forearms from a lot of extra work. A leaf blower is the perfect tool for the “final touches” after you cut the lawn to remove an excess clippings from walkways etc.

The third must have tool is the String Trimmer. While you can accomplish most of your grass cutting and lawn maintenance with a grass cutter and lawn mower, there are always hard to reach places in your yard that a string trimmer can help clear out to make the perfect lawnscape and outdoor oasis in no time.

Our list of essential lawn maintenance tools wouldn’t be complete with out mentioning the Spreader. To keep your garden fertilized and growing beautiful plants, flowers, and shrubs you will want to have new soil and/or manure spread throughout your garden or yard and this can be a lengthy and tough task if done by hand or with a tiny garden shovel. Introduce yourself to the spreader and you can spread the soil, fertilizer, and manure with ease to create the perfect garden space. Spreaders work wonders for expanding larger gardens as well.

And finally, we have arrived at the Sprinkler. If you love brown patches scattered throughout your yard then stop reading now. If you cherish your yard and your garden and seek to have that lush looking lawn all summer long then you will want to invest in a sprinkler and possibly an entire sprinkler system depending on the size of your lawn and garden areas. It is important to follow garden and lawn watering tips to make sure that you don’t overdo-it and cause more damage than good. You can get timers as well as a variety of sprinkler types to help manage water dispersal effectively.

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