Gas Mileage Advice To Help You Save $$$. Your vehicle’s gas mileage is really important for you to understand and to focus on. It has become exceedingly important over the last decade, in relation to the new vehicles that consumers choose. That’s why it’s so important to maximize on your mileage and that’s why we’re going to give you some strategies that can help you maximize on your mileage. Drive more carefully! How you drive has a big part to play in your mileage. Don’t press so hard on the gas and try these tips: – “Accelerate gently and smoothly”. – Check the traffic movement to see if the cars before you are soon to slow down so you can start slowing down too. – Be mindful and attentive on the road to avoid incidents that may cause you to have to make sudden moves. Did you know that improving a low number can save you more than improving a higher one? That’s right – the less miles per gallon you improve a car from, the better (the more you save).. Your old car can’t match up with a new one. The gas mileage for new vehicles is better than the mileage for the very same car that’s older. New corporate average fuel-economy regulations state that for the next 11 years, the average gas mileage for new vehicles will rise annually to about54.5 miles per gallon in the year 2025.. Don’t get confused by EPA ratings and real-world ratings. They’re actually quite different. You need to look up the two and compare and contrast them, then you’ll have a better idea of what to consider.. Electric cars are cheaper. In the United States, the average stands at 12 cents per kilowatt-hour and most of these plug-in electric cars get 3 to 4 miles for those 12 cents. “So driving 100 miles on grid electricity might cost you around $4–whereas in a 25-mpg car using $4-per-gallon gasoline, that would cost you $16.”. Check us out for more advice. Also, if you are looking for mobile vehicle services in Ottawa, battery boosting, tire changes, oil changes, or mobile car repairs, give us a call! Book your mobile vehicle services today! We also repair and tune-up small engines such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. Even better, we come to you, so no more waiting in line or traveling back and forth to fix your vehicles and small engine equipment.