Get your lawn mower tuned up and repaired for Spring. It’s that time of year again in Ottawa where you are going to start thinking about warmer days and enjoying your back yard again with family gatherings and cookouts at your home. This means keeping your yard looking neat and tidy. What this also means is that it is time to start planning and booking your small engine repair and tuneup in Ottawa for your lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and other small engine equipment that has been hibernating all winter. If you haven’t started your lawn mower since last season, it is a good time to get a tune up to check and make sure that everything is operating the way it should with your small engine so that you don’t have it break down or perform poorly during the summer months. If you forget to book your small engine repair don’t worry as we can provide mobile small engine repairs even last minute just before your gathering or party if your machine breaks down. Ideally your equipment can be looked after with regular small engine maintenance to ensure you preserve the longevity of your small engine and also that the machine keeps working in top condition. When operating in peak condition, your small engine lawn mower or hedge trimmers etc. will function very well and reduce your work load because a poorly functioning lawn mower can make the job much longer, especially if the lawn mower breaks down before you finish! Change your lawn mower’s oil & filter It is important to do things annually such as changing the oil and filter which keep your lawn mower running smoothly and for a much longer life than if you do not maintain your small engine equipment. Replace your spark plugs It is equally important to replace your small engine’s spark plugs for optimal performance and increase lifetime use of the small engine. Your lawn mower is one of those things that you don’t want to break down but yet you don’t want or know how to fix yourself. Small engine repair is affordable and is a much better alternative for your wallet and the environment than purchasing a new machine just because something is broken or acting weird on your lawn mower. Give us a call to book your small engine repair or tune up and get ready for the summer season to manage your landscape like a pro! We work on all small engines from lawn mowers to snow blowers to hedge trimmers and more. If you are about to pack away your snow blower for the season it may be a good time to have both your summer and winter small engine machinery looked at during the same visit to save on costs and have your winter small engine equipment prepped and ready for next year. Save even more and have us change over your car tires on your vehicle for the seasonal tire change as well as change your oil and filter in your car to keep all of your machines and vehicles running in top condition for many years to come.