How Can Cold Weather Damage Your Car?. All of us living in Ottawa have experienced the brutal winters that send shivers down every bone in our body. As an experienced resident of this lovely city you should also know how the winter months are extremely harsh on your ride! It’s no secret that cold weather can damage your car but you may not know these five ways that winter weather is bad for your vehicle. You would think that your car would be fine considering how it is constructed, however, your car can be affected by the cold much faster than you can in the harsh elements. When the temperature in Ottawa drops, your car’s performance is affected and the potential for something breaking or not running properly increases. There are five main problems to watch for this winter season: Your battery can die in the winter time leaving you stranded Your fluids thicken in cold weather which makes it harder for your car to get the fluids needed Your tires will become deflated and under-inflated tires do not perform well and are more susceptible to damage Your car’s wipers and window washer solvent will often fail during cold winter driving Your spark plugs are less reliable during cold temperatures Overall there are many things to consider with your car at all times to ensure proper vehicle maintenance is performed and the winter months are a time to be even more vigilant and cautious with your vehicle to ensure that your car will not break down on you and leave you stranded. We have professional mobile vehicle technicians available to give your car a complete check up and look over from A-Z to ensure that your car will perform optimally this winter and not breakdown. If you haven’t had your car serviced yet, it is strongly recommended that you give us a call to book an appointment with a mobile vehicle service staff member to give your car the OK for the winter months. Don’t take a chance that your car may not start or your battery will die, give us a call to check your systems. If you are unfortunate enough to have been stuck or stranded this winter, we can help with your battery replacements and battery boosts in Ottawa so be sure to program our number into your speed dial in case of emergency or assistance is needed.