How often should you replace your car air filter?. The short answer to when you should change your car’s air filter is whenever it needs it however most people don’t know when a car’s air filter needs replacing. The purpose of an air filter is to trap dust and debris so that it does not get into the intake system and potentially damage the engine. This of course is very important for keep you on the road and your car running in peak condition. There is no set amount of time that determines whether or not your air filter needs to be replaced because it all comes down to vehicle usage. If you are someone who only drives on weekends or rarely drives then you will likely be changing the air filter in your car less frequently than someone who drives often, especially if in stop and go traffic. Furthermore, the climate and road conditions that you drive in also play a large role in determining how often your car’s air filter will need to be replaced or cleaned. If you happen to live in a dry or dusty climate or if you spend a significant amount of time driving on unpaved roads then you are most likely going to have to replace your air filter more frequently than someone who drives primarily on city streets that are paved and lives in a wetter climate where the rain tends to wash most of the particles out of the air. Many car owners rely on a visual inspection of their air filter to help determine if their air filter needs to be replaced. This method works on the premise that if it does not look clean then it needs changing. Unfortunately this is not an accurate method because sometimes a filter actually begins to work better with some dust as it helps trap particles of a particular size. The table below provides a set of guidelines to help determine if your air filter needs changing or just cleaning:. Condition Change or Clean. Clean and White No. Slightly Dirty No, most efficient. Thin Layer of Dirt Clean. Caked With Dirt Change. If you follow these guidelines then you will be able to identify if your air filter needs to be replaced and you can contact us to come and replace your air filter to ensure the best performance from your vehicle and to protect your engine from damage. Schedule Your Air Filter Replacements Another good rule of thumb is to change your air filter in your vehicle every time you have your oil changed. So when you book your mobile vehicle service to have your oil changed you can request that we also change your car’s air filter at the same time. This will be more economical for you as well to schedule during the same visit and also ensure that you keep up with regular scheduled maintenance that will keep your car running optimally. Ask us about signing up for our service reminders also so you don’t forget because we’ll remind you by email that service is due.