How To Change Different Types Of Air Filters In Small Engine Machines. If you’re the owner of a small engine machine, like a snow blower, a weed eater, a lawn mower or anything else, then you need to know that you must maintain them in order for them to function effectively. One of the necessary maintenance actions include air filter changes. There are actually different kinds of air filters, which we’ll show you just how to change. Check them out below… Changing paper air filters: – Loosen up the cover screen, then tilt it down – Remove the paper cartridge carefully and discard it – Install the new cartridge with a paper pleat out – Close the cover and then securely tighten the screw Changing foam air filters: – Remove the screw of the air filter – Remove the air filter assembly carefully and throw the foam away – Carefully clean all the metal assembly parts – Use fresh engine oil to saturate your new foam filter – Use a clean cloth to wrap the foam in and squeeze it to remove the excess oil in the filter – Assemble the foam filter and let its lip extend over the edge of the body – Now reinstall assembly carbureto Changing dual element air filters: – Remove the knob and the cover – Remove the foam pre-cleaner – Reinstall the cartridge, the nuts, the pre-cleaner and the cover – Now, retighten knob/s securely and replace it if it is really dirty, damaged or if it doesn’t fit like it should If you are looking for small engine repair services in Ottawa, mobile car battery boosting, lawn mower and lawn tractor repairs and tune-ups, or snow blower repairs then give us a call to book your mobile small engine repair today. We fix, repair, and tune-up small engines such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. The best part is that we come to you so no more waiting in line or traveling back and forth to fix your small engine equipment.