An Arien-two stage snowblower is a great small machine to use for cleaning up your walkway or driveway from the heavy snow in the winter time. However, you need to ensure that your snowblower remains in good working condition by tuning it up regularly. We can show you the proper actions you need to take to correctly tune up your snowblower.

Don’t leave any old oil in the engine or any old fuel in the tank – change them immediately.
Clean your spark plugs with a wire brush or a spray plug cleaner. If the spark plugs are too damaged or are too dirty, then you should replace them instead.
Look at the belts, by removing the cover and examining the belts to ensure that they are tight and in a good condition. Replace them if they are deteriorating.
Examine the scraper bar and skid shoes to see if they are getting worn out. You may need to replace your skid shoes once each three seasons.
Put the snowblower on a flat surface and take a look at the shear pins and auger, so that you can replace them if they fall out due to overloading of the torque.
Take a look at the starter cord to ensure that no damage has been done to it. See if it has been excessively frayed, then do the following:
– Remove the old cord from the recoil starter assembly
– Rethread a new cord on the assembly
– Hook the cord in the pulley slot
– Wind up the pulley
Examine particularly sensitive areas of the engine, like the primer and the carburetor, are correctly functioning.
Clean off all traces of rust and then apply rust-proof paint to prevent rusting from happening any further.

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