Summer is winding down and we can already feel the nights getting colder and the sunny days slipping away. This means that the winter months are fast approaching and having a good plan for winter emergencies is crucial. In fact, just preparing for winter in general is important to make sure that you are fully prepped for the coming weather.

To prepare for a winter emergency such as power outages etc. it is a good idea to make a winter survival kit and store it somewhere that can be easily accessed. Include things such as candles, batteries, warm blankets and even some comfort foods (non-perishable of course). A portable cooktop that can be fueled by propane is a good idea also in case there is an extended power outage. While power outages and winter emergencies are rare, when they happen you and your family will be extremely happy that you were prepared for such a situation.

This may be on the more extreme side of things but preparing for winter is something that all of us living in Ottawa and surrounding areas must do before winter rolls in. Things such as bringing out the coats and winter clothes out of storage, preparing our windows and fueling the furnace etc. are all critical check list items for any resident in Ottawa.

Additionally, when you start preparing for winter, you will need to start preparing your small engines and lawn cutting equipment for storage over the winter months. It’s a good idea to get a final tune up for your small engine and winterize things like your lawn mower. During this time you will also prepare your winter small engines such as your snow blower and any other necessary tools to help you deal with mountains of snow fall when clearing paths for your family to walk and park the car.

This is the best time to get a full small engine tune up for your snow blower so that you are ahead of schedule and ready for the first major snowfall. We can help with the snowblower tune up and also with preparing your lawn maintenance equipment for winter.

Give us a call and get a head  start on winter by preparing your small engines, snow blowers and lawn mowers for the coming season and storage.