Maintaining your lawn mower blades is just as important as the maintenance of your lawn mower engine. If you are looking to improve the performance of your lawn mower and ensure the lifespan of your small engine lasts as long as possible then you will want to ensure that proper mower blade maintenance is performed regularly. If you do not maintainer your lawn mower blades then the lawn work you do will be much more challenging and not even get the job done in many cases. This is because dull lawn mower blades will unevenly shred the grass which can leave your lawn torn, dry and make the grass much more prone to diseases that will destroy your yard. It’s best to perform lawn mower blade maintenance and have the blades sharpened or replaced to maintain a healthy and clean lawn.

Detailed steps on proper lawn mower blade maintenance can be found in your lawn mower operator manual and of course our small engine maintenance experts can always perform your lawn mower blade maintenance for you whether it be sharpening your mower blades or replacing them – we’ve got you covered.

Replace your lawn mower blade in a few simple steps:

  1. You will want to make sure the fuel tank is empty and that you are wearing protective glasses.
  2. Check your lawn mower operator’s manual for details and important information.
  3. You will then want to remove the spark plug wire and the battery pack or key from your lawn mower.
  4. The next step is to clean out as much of the grass and debris from the lawn mower deck. It’s important to use a pressure washer or hose and never use your hands or feet for safety reasons.
  5. Tip the lawn mower  on its side, specifically on the carburetor side and then take a block or a piece of wood and use it to prop the blade in place so that it does not move.
  6. Remove the nutter bolt which holds the mower blade onto the lawn mower.
  7. Perform a visual inspection of the mower blade to look for cracks, nicks or dents. If the mower blade is worn, bent or dented beyond repair then you will want to replace the mower blade rather than attempting to fix it.
  8. Now it’s time to actually sharpen the mower blade. Use a file or a bench grinder and sharpen the blade but make sure not to make the blade too sharp and thin or the mower blade will be prone to damage.
  9. The sharpening process will make the mower blade hot so you will want to cool the mower blade with water as your sharpen. Too much heat can weaken the blade and this will mean that the blade needs to be prematurely replaced.
  10. Once you finish sharpening the mower blade it will be time to reattach the mower blade to the motor spindle on your lawn mower.

After your lawn mower blade is sharpened or replaced, you can get back to trimming your grass and creating the perfect lawn and yard space to enjoy during the nice weather in summer. There are many ways that performing lawn mower blade maintenance can cause damage to your machine. Take advantage of our small engine maintenance and tuneup service in Ottawa and have your small engine lawn mower blade maintenance performed by one of our pros. We’re always happy to help just give us a call.