There are few greater feelings than enjoying the front yard with your family or doing some gardening when the weather is nice. Part of your ultimate enjoyment comes from having a clean yard that is magazine-worthy. This means getting out the lawn mower and getting a tune up on your lawn care equipment for the start of the yard cleaning season. For many of us that have debris on our yards this also means getting a leaf blower to save us from the headache of raking and raking… and more raking.

A leaf blower can make your yard work fast and easy so you can spend more time relaxing and soaking in the sun with a nice cold beverage. If you are new to leaf blowers or looking to upgrade or purchase a new leaf blower then these helpful tips will make your purchase a breeze.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a leaf blower is your community and the rules. Some leaf blowers like the gas powered machines are quite a bit noisier and may even be against the rules of the community you live in so it is advisable to check with local regulations to make sure you are compliant. Plus it is always a good idea to be a “good neighbour” and not drive everyone crazy in your efforts to maintain your lawn with easy small engine tools that make the job easier at everyone else’s expense.

When making your choice the primary thing to consider aside from your budget is gas or electric. There are pros and cons to each but gas powered units while louder can cut the time down considerably for your yard cleanup because you won’t be tied down to a specific area, having to readjust your cord as you go. There are some electric leaf blowers that come equipped with a chargeable battery but the run time is much shorter than gas-powered units so they are usually best for smaller properties.

Additionally you will want to consider the weight of the unit and whether you want a handheld or wheel-equipped unit. There are a variety of leaf blowers to choose from and if you are not very keen on lugging around a heavy leaf blower then you should definitely look into an electric unit that is lighter than a gas one or even better a unit that is on wheels.

Selecting the right leaf blower can keep you from raking your time away and get you back to doing the things you love most. If you already have a leaf blower and you’re getting ready for the season then we can help give your small engine a tune up or a repair if the leaf blower is not functioning properly. Our small engine repair and tuneup experts are affordable and reliable. Give us a call and we’ll take care of your entire line of yard equipment and small engines to make sure that everything is running in tip top shape ready for your yard work.