You may wonder, as you sit at home and look at a golf tournament or baseball game on television, how stunning the turf looks and how you can get your own lawn look just as great as they do. Everyone needs goals in life and wanting a perfect lawn can be one to strive for, although it is a great challenge for the typical homeowner.

The first thing you should understand is that the folks who manage sports fields and golf courses spent many years developing their trade as well as probably earning a degree in Turf Management, Sports Field Management, Golf Course Management or other innovative degrees in the green industry. The turf grasses that are used are explicitly chosen as they have certain characteristics that are anticipated, such as colour, growth, and resistance to diseases and insects.

The attention that these areas receive is far off beyond the periodic fertilizer application. The experts at these venues look after the turf daily and many people are employed to provide this care. Fertilizers can be utilized weekly instead of once every 4 to 6 weeks. Insect and disease scouting takes place every day to ensure that damage is avoided or minimized if something does occur.

The golf course maintenance expenses can range from $700.000 to an excess of $1,750,000. To sustain a professional baseball or football field the cost is much less, about $60,000 per year, but there is much less turf.

After these facts and figures, you may still be determined to attain that striped pattern of a baseball field or golf course on your lawn. The pattern that you see on the grass is due to the reflection of light that comes from the direction that the grass blades lay, which causes light and dark grass blades. It is possible for you to create this effect by mowing your lawn in alternating directions. The pattern can be made more distinct by using a roller or lawn striping kit that can be attached to your lawn mower. If you use a regular walk behind mower, you can buy yourself a roller attachment for $100 to $200. There are models that can be used behind ride-on or commercial grade mowers that generally cost the same. A striping kit is a flat piece of metal that can be pulled behind your mower; it flattens the grass and turns in alternating directions as you mow.

Regular use of a drum style roller is not advised. These drums are often filled with water to provide heft. A gallon of water weighs just around 8 pounds, so if a drum holds 25 gallons of water, the 200 pounds that is repeatedly rolled across your lawn will compact the soil. This leads to root damage on your yard.

A gorgeous home lawn is something we all enjoy. Our pets and children enjoy playing and frolicking across the yard, all while the lawn looks beautiful and is freshly cut. Remember that the striping effect will only last for a few days before your grass returns to normal growth patterns, so you would have to continue mowing in opposite directions to maintain the look.

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