It is always a concern for many snow blower, portable generator, or lawn mower owners to have concerns about the fixing and maintenance of their power tools. For the easiest and most convenient way to maintain and ensure you get the most out of your small power engine is to ensure that they are available at the right time, and this is by hiring mobile services.

Mobile services offered in Ottawa for small engines repair ensure the process is as easy and convenient as possible for clients through the mobile pick-up and delivery services. Examples of small engines include: snow blowers, lawn mowers, and generators. Here is how to take care of your small engine and how to make sure they are properly stored:

Snow Blowers

Snow blowers are handy over the winter and are a joy to use when they are finely tuned-up and functioning right. When they don’t function properly and break down during a storm, this ends up being very frustrating for the owner.  Small engine mobile services offer a pick-up and delivery service for your snow blower during the winter months. Mobile services for repair and maintenance pick-up your snow blower over the summer to tune it up and deliver it over the winter to give you the lowest chances of it breaking down.

Lawn Mowers

For properties with lawns, it is important to have a lawnmower.  For areas that are hot and dry lawn mowers take in a lot of misuses. Mobile businesses dealing in small engines are well stocked up in lawn mower parts and repair takes an average of a week or less.


Generators are essential for households and outdoor uses including camping and other outside activities. Small engine maintenance is key for such an essential machine and small engine mobile pick-up and delivery ensures that your generator works properly and is always available for use in case of a power outage.

The most important maintenance tip for small engines is storage. Small engine storage helps extend the use of your equipment. Small engines should be stored somewhere dry, a shed offers protection from the rain and other winter elements. For more protection, consider covering the machine with a tarp to prevent moisture which may compromise the small engine.

Taking care of all your power equipment is key and with mobile services you can get them at your convenience. This helps avoid inconveniences during the seasons where you need them most.