Motorcycle Problems You May Experience. Your motorcycle is one of the most fun and carefree means of transport that you can use these days. May people own them and many people enjoy using them to ride from place to place, instead of using their regular vehicles or public transport. However, motorcycles, just like any other mechanical equipment with an engine, is very likely to encounter problems at some point in time. Motorcyclists and mechanics around the country were asked for a list of the most common maintenance problems that they encounter from motorcycles and this is what they came up with:. Battery neglect: You must charge your batteries up if you don’t use your motorcycle more than 5 hours a week (about 25 miles a week). Ensure that you plug it into the battery tender or charger so that your battery can get a little juice to keep on working.. Fuel contamination: This problem occurs when there is stale gas in the fuel system, because of the lack of use of the motorcycle. When you use your bike for approximately less than 25 miles per week add no stabilizer to it and the gas sits there and does nothing, then it begins to clog.. Tire wear: This premature deterioration of the tire, also known as cupping is preventable when you check the tire regularly and run the proper tire pressure. Take a look at your owner’s manual and carefully follow its instructions when doing this. Also, remember to replace your tires every 3 years, no matter the mileage they have. ‘ Ignoring the manual: Yes, this is a common problem. Admit it – you probably haven’t done that or don’t do that at all, but you should. You need to follow the owner’s manual maintenance schedule, so that you’ll know if or when you have to clean filters, change oil or more. If you are looking for ATV repair services in Ottawa or motorbike and motorcycle repairs in Ottawa then give us a call to book your mobile ATV or Motorcycle repair today. We fix, repair, and tune-up ATVs, Motorbikes and Motorcycles as well as generators and snowmobiles. The best part is that we come to you so no more waiting in line or traveling back and forth to fix your ATV, snowmobile or motorcycle.