Ottawa String Trimmer Maintenance and Repair

To optimise the life and reliability of your String Trimmer, it’s important to service it regularly. Here are a few points that will help you bring order to your machine maintenance.

Mobile Vehicle Service Ottawa String Trimmer Tune Up $79.99 plus tax (all inclusive)

  • Check the starter, the starter cord and the return spring.
  • Make sure that the vibration damping elements are not damaged.
  • Clean the outside of the spark plug. Remove and check the electrode gap. Adjust the gap to 0.5 mm or change the spark plug.
  • Clean the cooling fins on the flywheel.
  • Clean or replace the muffler’s spark arrest screen (not on mufflers with a catalytic converter).
  • Clean the carburetor area
  • Clean the cooling fins on the cylinder and check that the air intake in the starter unit is not blocked.
  • Check that the angel gear is 3/4 filled with grease. Fill if necessary using special grease.
  • Clean the fuel tank.
  • Clean the fan and the area around it.
  • Check the fuel filter and the fuel pipe, replace if necessary.
  • Check all cables and connections.
  • Check the clutch, clutch springs and the clutch drum with regard to wear. Replace if necessary.
  • Mobile Fee
  • Shop Supply Fee

Should the trimmer not start and the machine requires a carburetor cleaning, the cost of the service increases by $40.