As many residents of Ottawa know, 6 tornadoes hit the Ottawa-Gatineau region Friday the 21st of September. Our hearts go out to the families who suffered injuries, lost their homes and belongings as well as had their properties damaged. The devastation is extensive and it is great to see the community coming together to help families and workers.

For construction crews, residents looking to start tree removal, it is important to remember to be extremely safe when removing trees and limbs. It is also important to keep your equipment tuned up and repaired to ensure that the tree removal is fast and easy. We are available to help tune up and repair your small engine equipment to make sure that our city and surrounding areas can be restored back to normal as soon as possible. Our small engine tune up and repair services are available in Ottawa to make sure that everyone is safe and the restoration can happen faster. If you are a local resident and you are going to be removing trees from your property, be sure that your small engine equipment such as chain saws are tuned up and ready to function properly.

During this troubling time, we are fortunate that there were no casualties and our communities will come back stronger from this natural disaster.