Power-Steering Fluid can save other components in your ride. Do you know what your power steering is? Do you know how to change the oil? Basically, it’s the hydraulic fluid that transmits the power for your steering. To change power staring oil you have to drain or flush out the old fluid and replace it with fresh fluid. The least expensive part of your power-steering system is the fluid. By making timely and regular changes you can lengthen the life of other more costly components like the power-steering pump and rack. As with all vehicle parts the O-rings, the internal power-steering components and seals eventually get worn out. When they fall apart is that the power steering fluid gets contaminated and this actually forces the pump to do more work, eventually working it so hard that it will breakdown. Your pump will eat away and without it you won’t get power steering, getting a new one will be costly. You don’t want to try driving a power steering vehicle with no power steering. The rack can also get damaged and that’s another expense as well. If you hear squeaking or moaning sounds coming from the wheel when you turn it, check out your power steering to make sure everything is fine. It’s possible that the pump is beginning to fail. If you spot any leaks you should also check the levels of your fluid. It’s recommended that power steering fluid be changed every 60,000 kms (30,000 miles). Benefits of a Power Steering Flush Prevention of expensive repairs. Less Noise and less steering effort. Helps with preventing leaks, wear & keeps seal soft. More steering effectiveness