You would expect your push mower to work as intended everytime and you may find that occasionally it is running sluggish or losing power. If you find your push lawn mower losing power it can be frustrating and make your lawn cutting a tremendously difficult task. Fortunately there are some things that can be done to restore power in your push lawn mower and we can help with our small engine repair in Ottawa. In some cases you can even solve the problem on your own and get your push mower back to running in optimal capacity with full power.

Remove Dirt from Your Push Mower

One of the main reasons that a push lawn mower will lose power is a build up of dirt. Afterall your push mower is cutting hundreds of blades of grass and other lawn fauna as well as often being dragged over dirt and other items. The first thing you should check if your push mower is losing power is the dirt buildup in the fuel system and the air cleaner elements. Remember to always make sure the push mower is off before investigating anything and it is usually a good idea to leave the dirt removal, cleanup and/or part replacement to small engine professionals.

Grass, dirt and other debris can clog your air filter and this can lead to a significant loss of power and the push mower may not even start up. You may also have dirt buildup in your fuel system. In either case, a proper inspection and cleaning is required to get your push mower power back to normal levels.

Improper Oil Levels in Your Push Mower

If your oil level is low then there may not be enough lubrication to keep your push mower parts moving properly. If your oil level is too high then the oil can get frothy with air being introduced into the lubrication system of your push mower. Improper oil levels in your push mower small engine can lead to excess friction when the metal parts rub together which will cause your push mower engine to lose power.

Too Much Load on the Engine, Faulty Spark Plugs and Carburetor Issues

Sometimes the load on your push mower is just too much. If you are attempting to go up or down a very steep hill then you may experience a loss of power as your push mower is struggling to make it up or down the hill. Keep an eye on whether the loss of power occurs during these moments alone or if you experience power loss from your push mower during normal use as well. This will help to determine the root cause of the power loss you are experiencing.

You may lose power in your push mower if you have faulty spark plugs which will cause inconsistent ignition leading to power loss in your small engine. Overtime your small engine spark plugs will become dirty and covered in debris that will cause faulty ignition.

Additionally, you may experience a loss of power in your push mower engine if the carburetor is dirty or improperly-adjusted which will result in less fuel making it to the engine. This will cause the push mower to become bogged down and produce less power.

With proper small engine maintenance, tuneups and repairs, you can make sure that your small engine push mower does not get bogged down and lose power. We can help make sure that your push mower is always running in peak performance with our mobile small engine repair services in Ottawa to keep you mowing happily so that you can spend more time enjoying your yard and less time tinkering with your small engine push mower.