Ready To Sell Your Car?. Are you ready for a switch up your ride? You’ve had your trusty car for a while, but now, it’s time to let it go. As the saying goes – “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s meant to be.” Wellllll, in the case of selling your car, you don’t want it to come back to you, right? That’s why you’ve got to make sure that the people you’re selling it to will be completely satisfied with what they’ve bought. We’ve got some tips to help you make sure you can sell your ride easily, quickly and problem-free. Don’t miss a spot when you’re cleaning your car. Make sure you get at those areas that are hard to reach, like the door openings and the engine baby. Take out everything that’s in the car. Don’t leave items lying around. They can make your car look untidy or cause it to rattle around and make noises that’ll make your potential buyer uncomfortable in a test drive. Deodorize the car and make sure that it smells good when the potential buyer comes to check it out. Make sure you clean the ashtray of you’re a smoker and make sure the inside of the car doesn’t smell like cigarettes. Make the exterior clean and shiny. Wash and polish the car (but remember to clean up the excess polish). Change the oil a week or two before you sell the car. It will look nice and clean, but not too suspiciously fresh if the potential buyer decides to take a look at it. You want it to look like you really care about your car so ensure that the windscreen washer reservoir and radiator are looking great. Get your tires to the right pressure. Inflate them so they seem to perform flawlessly on your test drive. Be ready to show your potential buyer the service record at their request. They’ll know you’ve cared for your car. Be ready to provide proof that you’re the actual owner of the car you want to sell. Get your car’s history report. Have a history check and a certificate ready to show the potential buyer. When you’re ready to sell your car or even if you’re not interested in selling it, you can come to us today for any of your vehicular needs. If you are looking for mobile vehicle services in Ottawa, battery boosting, tire changes, oil changes, or mobile car repairs then give us a call to book your mobile vehicle services today. We also repair and tune-up small engines such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. The best part is that we come to you so no more waiting in line or traveling back and forth to fix your vehicles and small engine equipment.