Trees play a significant role in adding splendour, attractiveness, and shade to your lawn. Yet, over time they may have to be cut down due to disease or misfortunate mishaps. When that occurs, you are left to deal with the stump that remains.

There are plenty methods that you can employ to get rid of a tree stump. These methods include natural means such as boiling water or ingredients you may have in your kitchen cupboard. The method you choose is up to you.

One method involves the use of bleach, and it just about four steps.

All you will need to perform the project is:

  • Cordless Drill
  • Bleach
  1. Drill 5-10 deep holes into the top of the stump with your drill. The number of holes you drill will depend on the size of the stump. You can drill the holes arbitrarily about the top of the stump.
  2. Fill each of the holes with bleach, and allow the bleach to spill out of the hole. But try to avoid getting the bleach on any plants that surround the stump.
  3. Continue filling the holes with bleach every day for a week until the stump begins to rot.
  4. The stump will become soft enough for you to dig it out from the ground to remove it.

If you rather not use bleach, there are a few ways to let Mother Nature do away with your tree stump. You can cut the stump down to the ground, use boiling water, rock salt or Epsom salts. Another method involves blocking sunlight from the stump.

A lot of effort is needed to cut and dig the stump out of the ground. You will need:

  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Shovel

Use your saw to trim the stump as close to the ground as possible. This will help with speed up the natural decomposing process. You can dig the stump out using a shovel, but this process may be particularly difficult, especially if the tree had deep roots.

You can wrap plastic or other material around the stump to keep sunlight from getting to it. This will halt development of roots and the stump will gradually die. Be aware that this method of stump removal will take some time.

By using a drill with a 1-inch or larger bit, you can drill into the stump the full length of the bit to break it up. This will all moisture to enter in and help it rot quickly.

To use rock salt, drill 1-inch holes in the top and sides of the stump and fill them with rock salt. The rock salt acts as a natural root killer. If you are trying to get rid of a small stump, you can pour rock salt directly around the stump, but take care not to get it on plants that you would like to keep.

Epsom salt is a perfect product for helping plants grow and killing tree stumps. It contains magnesium and sulphur, and if you use a large amount, it will kill the stump. Drill 10-inch deep holes on the sides and top of the stump and fill them with a mixture of 100% Epsom salt and water. Cover the stump and it will die within 2-3 months.

To use steaming hot boiled water, drill holes into the stump and expose the roots, pour the water in the holes and on the roots. The boiling water shocks the root system of the stump and keeps them saturated. Do this daily or every other day until the stump begins to rot.

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