A well used or harmed belt can keep your unit from working legitimately. On the off chance that you find that you’re experiencing difficulty working your unit as expected, examine the deck/belts for any inordinate harm or wear that might discourage the proficient operation of your cutter.


Before overhauling any power gear, take after the wellbeing guidelines laid out in your proprietor’s manual. Ensure the hardware is totally halted, chilled off, and that no parts are moving before endeavoring to benefit your gear.


Step 1: Remove the deck.


Step 2: Take the belt covers off by expelling the hex washer sinks that are securing them put.


Step 3: Take a photo of the design/directing of the deck and belt to use for future reference before evacuating any parts.


Step 4: Remove the hex screws and rib bolt nuts that are securing the two idler pulleys to the deck and idler arm.


Step 5: Remove the two idler pulleys.


Step 6: Keep any equipment that you expel off to the side.


Step 7: Take the belt off of the axle pulleys.


Step 8: Reference the photo you took before at whatever point important. Introduce the new belt around the axle pulleys.


Step 9: Reinstall the belt covers.


Step 10: Put the belt around the idler pulleys that you evacuated, guaranteeing that the “V” side is within.


Step 11: Install and fix all beforehand evacuated equipment to secure the get together.


Step 12: Route the belt utilizing the photo you took as a kind of perspective.


Step 13: Install the deck


For data about security, guarantee, and your particular model, read and be comfortable with your proprietor’s manual.


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