Save Your Back and Fix Your Snowblower in Ottawa. Are you still shoveling your driveway in Orleans, Kanata, Ottawa and surrounding areas the old fashioned way? We know what you want for Christmas – a working snow blower! Put the shovel away and pull out your broken snowblower and give us a call to have one of our mobile small engine repair techs tune up and fix your snowblower. It’s not too early to think about having your snowblower tuned up. Why wait for it to snow and find out that your snow blower machine doesn’t work? We come to you so you don’t have to even leave your home or pack up your broken snow blower. Still Want to Shovel Snow? Learn How to Protect Your Back and Your Heart. The top reported injury sustained after a snowstorm is lower back strain from shoveling snow. Also, snow is not the only danger waiting for you on your driveway because the ice hiding underneath the snow can potentially cause even worse injuries if you slip and fall. This is another reason you should fix and tune-up your snow blower so that you can clear the snow in a consistent move that keeps you upright versus risking a slip and fall with the back and forth swaying motion of shoveling. If after you shovel you experience back pain that radiates down your leg then that’s a bad sign. According to Dr. Khabie, “That may mean you have ruptured or herniated a disk,” To avoid injury, shovelers should follow a few simple rules: Stay in shape. Work up to it. Dont try to do it all at once. Practice proper technique. Pick the right tools. Layer warm clothing. Wear snow boots with good traction. GET YOUR SNOW BLOWER FIXED IN OTTAWA