A concern for many snow blower, lawn mower, and portable generator owners is fixing and maintenance. For a convenient way to maintain and at the same time ensure that you get the most and best performance out of your small engine is to ensure that they are available at the needed time. This is simply done by hiring mobile services in Ottawa which will cater to your small engine’s maintenance needs.

These mobile services offered in Ottawa ensure the process of maintenance is convenient and easy for all their clients. This starts from the mobile pick-up to the final delivery service. Here we will discuss some tips that will help you take care of your small engine and how to store them properly:

Snow Blowers

These come in handy mostly over the winter and are fun to use if and only if they are finely tuned and at peak performance. If the opposite happens and they break down especially in the middle of a storm this ends up being frustrating for you as an owner.

Small engine mobile services offer a pick-up and delivery service during the winter months and over the summer to fine tune it to make sure it is working perfectly for winter. This ensures that your snow blower does not break down easily.

Lawn Mowers

For hot and dry areas lawn mowers receive the most misused. Small engine mobile services are well stocked with lawn mower parts and the repair and tune-up take an average of a week or even less.


These come in handy for households and outdoor uses like camping and other activities. Maintenance is important for such an important power tool machine and mobile small engine services ensure that your generator works appropriately and is readily available for use in case of a power outage.

Storage is one of the most important maintenance tips for small engines. Storing your small engine correctly ensures that the equipment’s service life is extended or maximized. Small engines should be stored in a dry area like a shed which offers protection from winter elements and rain. You should also consider covering your machine with a heavy tarp which prevents moisture from compromising the small engine.

Proper care of your small power equipment is important and with mobile services you will have your equipment available for you at your own convenience. This avoids frustration and inconveniences during the seasons they are needed most.