Winter is in full swing here in Ottawa and the temperatures are dropping along with those beautiful little white fluffy snowflakes. This also means that it is time to start clearing your pathways and driveway each snowfall to make sure that you can make it to work on time.

We have some tips if you are loooking to replace or buy a new snow blower and also some tips to help you avoid common mistakes with snowblowers that can lead to premature replacement or snowblower repair in Ottawa.

Choose the right size of snowblower

Often we see customers that go for the biggest unit possible to clear the snow from their driveways. Bigger is not always better and in this case it is best to get the right size for your needs. There are some advantages with smaller snow blowers in Ottawa such as their portability, purchase cost and maintenance and repairs costs for  your snowblower maintenance. Plus a smaller snowblower is easier to move around your property, unless you live on a big lot or a farm where a larger snowblower could be much more beneficial than a smaller one.

Choose the right snowblower for the snow you plan to move

There are different tiers of snowblowers and each is suited to a different need. Some are more suited to a customer’s budget whereas others are more suited to the ultimate performance. If you have purchased a snowblower that is more on the economical side, the chances are that this snowblower won’t handle wet snow very well and could actual cause damage or even worse break your snowblower. This can lead to expensive replacements or inconvenient maintenance and snowblower repairs if not addressed right away or if you are halfway through clearing your driveway. Even though the repair and maintenance costs for snowblowers and small engines in Ottawa are very affordable, it is still something you will want to avoid and rather put your money towards maintenance rather than repairs from attempting to move the wrong type of material for your snowblower.

There is no oil in your snowblower

Your snowblower can break down if it runs out of oil. If you do not want to have to worry about changing the oil in your snowblower then you should buy a snowblower that doesn’t need an oil change and instead uses an electric start. Furthermore, sometimes expensive is better but not in the case of snowblowers. Some higher priced snowblowers just aren’t worth the money and infact will not give you more bang for your buck.

Make sure it is easy to handle

The last tip we have for now is to make sure that you purchase a snowblower that is easy to handle and maneuver around your property. We can always provide you with small engine repair and maintenance but we can’t help you repair broken bones or sprains so avoid hurting yourself and get the appropriate snowblower for your ability to maneuver it around. Remember it gets very slippery out there and something that seems easy to move around in normal conditions can become a nightmare during icy and snowy days in Ottawa.

Good luck with your snow removal this season and remember that MVS always has time to make sure your small engines and snowblowers are running in peak condition with small engine repairs and maintenance services in Ottawa.

Happy Holidays!