So you’re in the market for a snowblower and you have two choices – buy new or search for a slightly used one on popular classified ads sites. If you are looking to save a few bucks and get some years out of a used snowblower then it may be a good idea to start looking for used snowblowers for sale on Kijiji or Facebook MarketPlace.

Often times you can find some real gems and it’s a lot better to keep some extra cash in your pocket. Plus with our small engine maintenance and repair and snowblower tuneups you can be sure that the machine will be running tip top almost as if it was a new snowblower you purchased.

So to start your search, the best time of year is likely when it’s warm. During the summer months you are more likely to get the best price and you will also have time to get any small engine repairs or service completed before you have to start using the snowblower every day. Choosing the time to buy your used snowblower works if you don’t need one right away. However if you find that you need a snowblower right away then don’t fret as you will still get a good deal and save some money buy purchasing a used snowblower on Kijiji.

There is also an advantage to buying a used snowblower in the winter because you can test the second hand snowblower in the actual snow. Timing aside, let’s get to the nitty gritty and discuss things to look out for when purchasing a like-new or used snowblower.

Start the engine, idle the engine, take it to full throttle and pay attention for a smooth running engine. Any surging and it’s due to have the carb pulled and cleaned or worst case, this will need to be replaced.

Ask if you can tip it up and pull the back cover and see and feel the shafts and the friction wheel, drive wheel everything in there looking for looseness in the bushings and bearings. Check the auger and impeller bearings for play and their housings for severe rust and even rust through. Pull the belt cover and check the idlers, check that the belt or belts look like they are tracking straight and check the welds from the body to the auger housing to see if it’s “ripped” or bent anywhere from someone running it into something. Check that the augers are loose on the shaft and same with the wheels.

These are some essentials things to check when purchasing a used snowblower and one very important thing to do is schedule a small engine tune up and maintenance appointment with us after you purchase so that we can go over your snowblower with a fine tooth comb to ensure that everything is working properly and as expected.

Happy shopping and let us know when you make the purchase so we can help assess your new snowblower and provide any recommendations or things to keep an eye on.