Snowblower Tune Up: Why wait until winter?. Snow. There, I said it. Does anyone really want to talk about snow, let alone think about it? The sun is shining and summer just started, so the answer is a resounding ‘No’. Thing is, we all know it’ll be back and before you know it, you’ll be wanting to rid your driveway of that white stuff. Problem is, your snowblower may not have been stored properly, or maybe it’s been a couple of years since someone has given it some much needed ‘TLC’. If so, your snowblower may not be ready when you need it and that’s where we come in. Mobile Vehicle Service Ottawa is pleased to provide our Mobile Snowblower Service and Repair to Ottawa and surrounding areas. A simple Snowblower tuneup can have your machine operating at it’s peak performance. Why wait for the snow to fall and be left with nothing but a shovel and a sore back? Contact Mobile Vehicle Service Ottawa now at 613-854-4154 and book your Snowblower Tuneup, before the snow falls.