We are experiencing one last winter blast as the real spring approaches and that means your snowblower is still an active companion of yours to help remove the last remnants of winter from your drive way and walkways. As the seasons begin to change you will start preparing for your snow blower storage and getting ready to bring your lawn mower out of hibernation. As you make the switch, it’s important to store your snowblower properly so that you preserve the lifespan of your snowblower machine but also so that when you pull out your small engine the next winter, everything is running in tip top shape.

Here are five easy steps you should take to ensure that your snow blower stays in good condition and functioning properly next season.

Choose a spot that is indoors and safe from the weather elements outside. Additionally it is important to choose a spot that is not near any ignition sources since there is fuel in your snowblower. If your snowblower has a fuel shut off button then you should definitely shut off the fuel flow for your small engine. This will protect your snow blower’s carburetor from flooding and help prevent any accidental fuel spills.

Add some fuel stabilizer. This will help to protect your small engine by keeping the gas fresh and prevent damage to your snow blower’s engine. Some good fuel stabilizers even protect for up to 3 years to ensure that you are covered regardless of the length of storage.

Tighten your snowblower’s nuts, bolts and fasteners. During each winter season your snowblower puts in some serious work and often nuts and fasteners become loose with all of the tugging and pushing and lugging around that occurs with your snowblower. Before you store your snowblower away for the season tighten everything up to prevent any damage and ensure things will work properly when you fire it up again next year.

Clean and dry your snowblower. As with most things that are going into storage for any period of time you will want to properly clean (by hand) your snowblower and properly dry the machine to ensure that there won’t be any issues caused by dirt and that you can avoid corrosion.

Cover your snowblower. To make sure that while your snowblower is clean and ready for the next season, you should cover it up. Even if you are storing your snowblower indoors it is important to prevent dust buildup etc.

With these snowblower storage tips you are now prepared for the change of season and proper storage of your small engine equipment. Let’s cross our fingers that this is the last part of winter so we can prepare the patio for summer time with friends and family and give us a call to get your lawn mower tuned up prior to the summer season starting and we can do your snowblower at the same time so that your snowblower will be prepped and ready for next winter before going into hibernation.