For the spring season, your lawn care regimen is focused on waking it up and getting it healthy and green, while your summer lawn care is focused on keeping it healthy in the blistering heat with little or no rainfall. You must also ensure that it can survive all the barbecues, games, parties, and summer fun.

The elevated temperatures, lack of rain, and wild outdoor activities can have a grueling effect on your lawn. Grass grows slower in the summer than in the spring because the higher temperatures lead to faster evaporation of moisture. That is why you need to constantly nurture your lawn with water, fertilizer and continual mowing, to ensure that it remains green and lush.

To help your lawn look its best you should understand how each season affects your lawn, so you can provide the right care to your lawn. Some grasses are better suited for the warm weather, so you can consider planting them for the summer. Grass like Zoysia, Bermuda and other grasses grow well in warm climates.

You should also change your lawn mower settings to cut less grass. Three to four inches is an acceptable height setting for the common grasses types. The height can be cut shorter for grass that thrives in warm weather. A yardstick can be used to measure the grass in shaded and non-shaded areas, areas that receive southern exposures and northern exposure etc. The longer the grass, the more shade it gives, which reduces evaporation of moisture from the soil. The shading also reduces the chance of weed seeds germinating. 

Generally, lawns need at least one inch of water during intense heat periods. To track the water received from irrigation and rainfall you can keep a small can or a rain gauge. Try watering the grass less often and deeply, so the roots can become drought tolerant. Also water your lawn early in the morning before it becomes too hot. This will cut back on fungal growth and evaporation rate.

You must decide whether to deeply and regularly water your lawn or not water it at all. If you let the lawn go dormant and brown, then try reviving it by watering it down, it will not grow back well.  When the lawn becomes dormant, let it stay undisturbed until fall, when it will recover by itself.

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