The Proper Way To Start Your Weed Eater Engine. Weed eaters can be a really useful tool for your landscaping needs, although they may not necessarily be the most popular option for cutting your lawn. We’re going to show you some of the things you need to do to properly start up your two-cycle engine weed eater. Check it out. · First, move the choke lever to the full position. · Now, hold or lock the throttle into the ON position. · If there is an ON & OFF switch on the unit, then move it to the ON position. · A unit with a primer bulb should have the bulb depressed 4 to 5 times, and the bulb itself should be about halfway full. · After that, you need to place the unit down on the ground. · Pull on the starter rope sharply and briskly until you hear the engine start up. It should take no more than 6 pulls to get it going. · If that doesn’t work, set the choke lever at half position and start pulling the rope again, after 2 to 6 pulls. · Your next option if that doesn’t work, is to move the choke lever to the full position and tug on the rope twice, then return the lever to half choke and pull it again 3 times. · When the engine starts running, ensure that you keep the trigger depressed and allow it to warm up for about 10 seconds, then you can move the choke into the RUN or OFF choke position. · Let the unit run for about half a minute at RUN, before you let go the throttle trigger. · Finally, after the unit is warmed up, it should restart with the choke being in the OFF position. If you are looking for small engine repair services in Ottawa, mobile car battery boosting, lawn mower and lawn tractor repairs and tune-ups, or snow blower repairs then give us a call to book your mobile small engine repair today. We fix, repair, and tune-up small engines such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. The best part is that we come to you so no more waiting in line or traveling back and forth to fix your small engine equipment.