There are ways you can avoid expensive car repairs. It’s never wise to ignore signs that your car needs repairs. It could be that its making rumbling noises or mysteriously vibrating, fluids could be leaking or it could be excessive smoke out of your exhaust pipe. Ignoring these signs can lead to some expensive repairs, so you want to look into any warning signs before they get worse. It’s important that you get to know your car’s personality i.e. how it sounds, smells and moves. This way if something is wrong you will notice pretty quickly. Did you know that with the right maintenance and keeping up with your schedule mobile mechanic visits you can avoid expensive car repairs? It’s true! Is your car having trouble starting? Have you ever had a situation where you turned the key in the ignition but the engine refuses to start? It could be a problem with the battery. If you check the condition of the battery by turning on the dash lights and get faint or no light, it means there isn’t enough power coming from the battery. Batteries generally last three to four years, anything beyond that means that it has past its prime and should be changed. However, it could also be due to a poor fuel delivery system by a bad fuel pump or a defective ignition system. Is your car noisy? Are you hearing a strange noise from your vehicle? There can be a number of reasons for disturbing noises, some can come from the engine area. A high-pitched whistling or squealing is most likely a loose fan belt/alternator belt. If you hear a pinging sound particularly when you accelerate this could mean you’re using a poor grade of gasoline. A clicking or tapping can be valves out of adjustment or can even be the result of engine oil loss. Heavy knocking or clacking is a sign of serious engine trouble. If you get a groaning sound, check the power steering fluid to see if it’s low or empty. Squeaky brakes mean that the brake pads or rotors are worn out. When there’s a chirping or squealing noise from your wheels it often means the wheel or axle bearings are bad and need replacing. Is your car shaking? That’s not supposed to happen. If your car starts to shimmy or shake, it could be a suspension, steering or brakes problem. If driving seems to be a bit bumpy accompanied by a lot of clunking, you could be looking at worn out shocks. Heavy Vibration while driving can be the result of low tire pressure, worn tires, or out-of-balance tires. If you experience a wobble or pulling to one side, it could mean that the steering linkage is loose. Pulsation from the brake pedal is indication that the brake rotors are warped and need to be replaced. Pay attention to your dashboard lights and warning signs One thing you must never do is ignore a warning light on your dash; this is usually cause for immediate action. A number of lights can come on: Tire pressure warning light – indicates one of your tires is less than 25% inflated. Oil pressure warning light – comes on when your engine has lost oil pressure or oil level is too low for safe operation. Temperature warning light – means that your engine is overheating. Brake warning light – comes on if parking brake has not been fully released or brake fluid is low/leaking or there is loss of hydraulic brake pressure. Charging system warning light – indicates the charging voltage of your battery is low. This is the result of a faulty alternator or a bad connection to the battery. Your fluids are the blood of your car! Get familiar with your fluids. When you inspect your car, take a look underneath it for leaks. Brake fluid is clear and slippery compared to water that might leak from your air conditioner. Coolant on the other hand is usually green but can be red or brownish red. Transmission fluid or power steering fluid is usually an opaque dark red color, while engine and gear oil have a black, brown, or amber-colored fluid. Is your car smoking? Excessive smoke is never a good thing. Black smoke from your muffler means your fuel mix is too rich and there is a problem with the fuel or ignition system. In a case where the smoke is blue it could mean you’re burning too much oil because of worn piston rings or valve seals. White smoke generally means that coolant is leaking from either the radiator or water pump and Smoke from under the hood can be caused by a leaking radiator hose. Avoid expensive car repairs with scheduled maintenance You can save yourself the headaches from having to go through major car repairs by paying attention to warning signs that your car is in distress and taking time to investigate them properly with the help of an MVS mobile mechanic in Ottawa. In addition to a vehicle you likely own some small engine machines such as snowblowers or lawn mowers. There are several warning signs for your small engine that may indicate that you need a repair. Many of these repairs for your small engine equipment can be avoided with regular small engine tune ups and maintenance. MVS Ottawa does it all and we can definitely help with your small engine repairs in Ottawa as well as the frequent small engine maintenance to keep your small engine machines running tip top and performing optimally.