Here are the top things you need to know before you start your snowblower this winter.

Some people actually love to shovel snow but when the level of snow gets to around 10 to 20 inches most people would agree that they would be ready to swap in their shovel for something that has a lot more power like a gas-powered snow blower. 

Before you go starting your snowblower small engine to tackle winter’s harshest snow storms, here are some things you should know and do before cranking up the power.

  1. Buy some fresh gas for your snowblower. Winter gas is specifically engineered for winter with a more volatile blend that helps your snowblower start faster.
  2. Use additives in your gas tank to combat the short shelflife that your gas has in the machine which can cause your small engine to not start. Use the right amount to ensure you don’t mess up your carburetor.
  3. Make sure your tank is full because blowing through deep snow can burn through gas quickly. You will need a larger gas can on hand before a big storm hits to ensure you don’t run out of fuel.
  4. Make sure you move obstacles from paths that you will have to clear with your snowblower. Once the cold weather hits these items may become locked into place.
  5. Adjust the height of your snowblower with skid plates that control how close your auger comes in contact with snowy surfaces. It is best to check this ahead of time in a heated garage rather than adjusting in the middle of a snowstorm outside where you will likely freeze your hands off.
  6. Plan the routes you will do with the snowblower to maximize your efficiency. This will help you use less fuel (save more money) and also get the job done faster (save time).
  7. Use the power of the sun and snowblow when your driveway gets the morning sun. This will make your job a lot easier.
  8. Start your snowblower engine outside or in your garage with the door open if you must start inside.
  9. Work as a team and get the kids involved. Everyone should be outside as a team. It makes the time go by faster and it is more fun with everyone working together.

With these tips your snowblowing tasks will be easier and your small engine will last a long time. It is also important to make sure that you are maintaining your small engine and keeping your snowblower tuned up by our professional small engine maintenance pros. We offer a mobile small engine service that can give you peace of mind knowing that you are taken care of throughout the winter months.