We are all familiar with the wild Ottawa winters and the last thing that any of us want is to wake up first thing in the morning ready to clear the driveway and pathways of snow only to find out that our snowblower won’t start or isn’t working properly. The first thing to check would be if the snowblower is clogged as this can happen from time to time but if you are storing your snowblower in a garage that is warmer than the outside temperature then this shouldn’t be an issue as the snow would have a chance to melt before use again. If this is the case, you can see our other blog on clearing clogs from your snowblower.

To make sure that you can get your snowblower back up in running quickly, there are some absolute essential snowblower parts that you can have on hand to make sure you can fix minor things right away. Of course the alternative is to call the snowblower repair and maintenance experts at MVS Ottawa and we can come help get your snowblower back up and running quickly and affordably.

So, the three must-have snowblower parts are:

  • Shear pins
  • Skid shoes
  • Cold weather engine oil

Shear pins hold your snowblower augers and impeller fans in place. These are the essential parts that maintain your snowblower’s performance. You should always consult your owner manual for the proper shear pin size and strength for you particular snow blower model.

These snowblower parts are necessary for your snowblower to function properly. They are an inexpensive component but an absolutely crucial one to have on hand.

Skid shoes are found on some snowblowers and they keep your auger from coming into contact with the pavement or ground. The skid shoes do take some time to wear out but with constant friction over the years they will eventually wear out. It is important to change these when that happens (or before ideally) so that you can prevent damage from your auger hitting the pavement as this will be a much more expensive scenario.

Cold weather engine oil is crucial. We live in Ottawa and it gets pretty chilly as you know and when the temperatures fall, regular engine oil has a very hard time flowing through your snowblower’s engine which can lead to a dramatic decrease in performance. This is easy to fix by putting in cold weather engine oil. Your snowblower engine oil should be checked and changed regularly already according to the schedule in your owner manual. In addition to maintaining top performance, this will also increase the life span of your snowblower’s engine.

So there you have it, 3 essential snow blower parts to have on hand to make sure that snow removal in Ottawa is always a breeze for you. If you want to have your snowblower small engine maintained or repaired, we are always here to help. Spring is on its way but until it arrives officially and you are ready to store your snowblower, we are here to help keep your snowblower operating like new.