Tips For Changing Your Snowblower’s Oil. One of the greatest things that you can do for your snowblower is maintain it and keep it in the best condition possible, in an effort to ensure that it performs at its best next winter. Checking and changing your oil is an essential aspect of maintenance and you need to understand how to do this. It isn’t too hard – we’ll show you how to do this. All you need is new oil, an oil drain pan, a wrench and a funnel, in order to change your snow blower oil. Then, take a look at your owner’s manual and gather your tools together to start your oil-change project. We’ll show you some of the general tips you can use to change your snowblower’s oil. You need to check the level of the oil in your snowblower with your dipstick to see if it is in an acceptable running range. Then, start the engine up to warm the oil and help it to drain the debris easier. When the oil has warmed up, you can turn the engine off.. Take the oil drain pan and position it under the snowblower’s oil drain plug. If you’re having trouble finding it, you should check the rear of the side of the snowblower or use your owner’s manual to help you locate it.. Get rid of the dipstick and let the old oil drain into the oil drain plug and tilt your snowblower a little to help it out.. Drain the oil completely and then put the drain plug back on tightly, then be on the lookout for possible leaks.. Make sure you’ve gotten the right amount and grade of oil suggested by the snowblower manufacturer. Put a funnel into the fill tube and pour the oil into the engine.. Ensure that your engine oil level is in the appropriate running range and see if there are any drips or oil leaks throughout it. Always remember that you need to check your oil level and check for your leaks after every use. If you are looking for small engine repair services in Ottawa, mobile car battery boosting, lawn mower and lawn tractor repairs and tune-ups, or snow blower repairs then give us a call to book your mobile small engine repair today. We fix, repair, and tune-up small engines such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. The best part is that we come to you so no more waiting in line or traveling back and forth to fix your small engine equipment.