Tips For Diagnosing Problems With Your Car’s Air Conditioning System. The air conditioning system in your vehicle can be quite a complex issue. There are a number of things that may go wrong with it and cause you and your passengers quite an uncomfortable ride to your destination. We’re going to show you how to diagnose problems that your car’s air conditioning system may be experiencing. If you’re A/C systems is cool, but not cold, then you should check the following things: – Check the radiator or condenser’s cooling fans to ensure they’re running while it’s on. – Check to see if there are any bugs or dirt blocking the ear from passing over the condenser. – Check to see if the cabin air filter isn’t clogged up. – Check out the pressures in the system with a manifold gauge set. You should also need to check out your vehicle’s compressor. Try doing these things: – Turn on the engine, place you’re A/C on maximum cool, put the fans on high and ensure that the clutch is engaging on the compressor. If you realize that your clutch is quickly engaging and disengaging, then it may be that the refrigerant might be running low. – If you realize that the clutch isn’t engaging, then check for voltage in the compressor with a voltmeter. – If you realize that there is voltage, then the clutch might be bad. You may have a bad cycling switch, a blown fuse and low refrigerant pressure. You may also want to check if there are leaks, which are often associated with the A/C system… – See if you can use a UV air conditioning leak detection kit to find the leak. – Take a look all around the fitting to ensure that they are all secure. – Take a look at the hose manifolds on the compressor. – Take a look at the front seal and the o-rings that seal the pressure switches, behind some of the compressors. – Take a look at the areas where the hoses are crimped onto the fittings. – Take a look at the condenser’s pin holes. – Take a look at the Schrader Valves. – Take a look at the area where the evaporator drains condensation with UV light so that you can see if there is any dye or oil there. If you are looking for small engine repair services in Ottawa, mobile car battery boosting, lawn mower and lawn tractor repairs and tune-ups, or snow blower repairs then give us a call to book your mobile small engine repair today. We fix, repair, and tune-up small engines such as lawn mowers and snow blowers. The best part is that we come to you so no more waiting in line or traveling back and forth to fix your small engine equipment..