Tips for test driving a new car. First, before you even think about going for a test drive you need to do some preliminary research on the car you want to buy in Ottawa. Read up on road tests and new car ratings on the vehicles that interest you. You also want to consider the price of the car and how you will pay for it of course to narrow down your selections. After you research the car you want to buy Once you’ve done you research and you go to the dealership, begin by simply sitting in the car and asking yourself if it is a good fit for you. Once you get settled, ask yourself a few questions to help you define your feelings about the car: Does your body type match the pedal positions? If not, are the pedals adjustable? Is it easy to get in and out of the car without stooping or banging your head? How is the visibility? Check the rearview mirror and the side mirrors and look for potential blind spots. Is there enough head-, hip- and legroom? Remember to sit in the backseat as well. Are the gauges and controls easy to read and use? Is the driving position comfortable? Do you sit too low or high in the car? Can you tilt or telescope the steering wheel for a better fit? Is the seat comfortable? Is it easily adjustable? Is there a lumbar support adjustment? Even if it’s new, test drive the car like it is used and may have issues Adjust the seat, the seatbelt and the mirrors before your start to drive. If the radio is on turn it off so you can hear the engine and concentrate on the driving experience. With some dealerships the salesperson may tell you where to drive but this isn’t necessarily the best way to test drive. Let the salesperson know exactly what kind of test-drive you want, once it’s within reason you shouldn’t you should be able to do it. Your test drive should match your driving needs. If you live in a hilly area, find a hill and see how the car climbs. Or get on a freeway and see how it accelerates into traffic and performs at higher speeds. Evaluate the following as well: Are the seats adjustable? Can you reach all the controls easily? Does the car downshift quickly and smoothly? Is the suspension stiff or soft? Does the vehicle ride comfortably on a rough road? How does the car sound when you strongly accelerate? Is there a lot of noise from the tires? Is the vehicle responsive? Can you feel the road through the steering wheel? Does the vehicle downshift quickly? How is the pedal feel? Do the brakes “grab” suddenly? If you are shopping at night, remember that the vehicle’s colour can look very different under streetlights. You might want to go back during the day before you make a final decision. Once you’re back at the dealership, don’t forget to check the trunk space or cargo area. Is the vehicle easy to load? Is there a pass-through in the trunk opening for long items? Recheck anything else you might have noticed on the test drive. Remember that little things you spot now could be major annoyances later, so don’t overlook anything. Should I get two sets of tires for each season? Most of the time the vehicle you purchase will come with one set of tires for the season you are in or even just all-season tires. Switching your tires over between seasons is much safer for you and your family and more cost-effective over the length of ownership because of reduced wear and tear on the tires. Most often dealerships are ready to negotiate and there are hundreds of dealerships out there all competing for your business. Try and have them throw in a separate set of tires for your car as part of the deal and then we can help you with the mobile tire change when the seasons change. It is a very fast process to change over your tires and our mobile vehicle service techs are affordable and fast at seasonal tire changes. Just thing, a minor investment now to improve the safety of your driving as well as increase the length of time you have the same set of tires before they need replacing. Ask anyone who switches between tire sets each season and they will highly recommend having your tires changed on your car for the season rather than putting inferior all-season tires on your car. Plus, just think of the benefits to having your summer tires changed in your driveway by a mobile tire changer. This is a lot better than wasting your time at the dealership for such a simple request. Our mobile tire service comes direct to you to save you money and time. What about extended warranties and tire service? It’s okay to consider the additional protection, depending on exactly what is included as well as your budget for the vehicle. One thing to consider is that it is often better to hang onto the money for things like the tire service and have a mobile tire technician such as Mobile Vehicle Service Ottawa handle these jobs as they happen very infrequently and have less of a wait time then waiting for the dealership’s people.